7 Good Reasons to Hire an Electrician

published on 17 August 2022

Despite the practice being largely illegal, many people in Australia still try to do DIY work on their houses' electrical systems. Unfortunately, not only is this most likely illegal, but it's also dangerous and ineffective. 

Electricity is incredibly complicated, and you should only work with it if you know what you're doing. You should hire an electrician rather than go down the DIY route. Still not convinced? This article lists seven compelling reasons why you need to hire an electrician. 

1. You Won't Need to Worry About Permits

Whenever you do any electrical work on your home, permits are always a factor. If you don't make sure you have the correct permits for the job, you could end up in trouble with the local authorities. 

On the other hand, if you work with a professional electrician, you're working with someone who knows everything there is to know about the permits you'll need. 

2. Electrical Work Isn't Fun

While much DIY work can be entertaining, this usually isn't the case with electrical work. Electrical systems are relatively complex, and you'll need to spend a lot of time looking things up. 

Another significant factor is that the previous electrician may not have always done things correctly. This can be incredibly frustrating for someone trying to work on their electrics. 

Professional electrical services have seen it all and won't be phased by even the most ridiculous DIY attempts. When you work with the pros, they take all of the frustrating work off your plate.

3. DIY Work is Often Illegal

Another huge reason to avoid working on your electrical system is that DIY work is often illegal. While doing your own wiring may be more common in countries like the USA, doing this kind of work in Australia is strictly regulated. 

Of course, you're still allowed to do simple tasks like changing a lightbulb, but check the law before you try and install your wiring. Chances are that it's only legal to do this if you're a licenced electrician.

Not only is DIY work dangerous for you to do, but it could also create a dangerous situation in the future. Improperly installed electrical systems can injure people decades after they were installed. 

4. Working on Electricity is Dangerous

One of the most significant benefits of hiring electricians is that electricity is hazardous. A mistake involving electricity could easily cost someone their life. Unfortunately, working with electricity is also quite complicated, so it's much easier to make a fatal mistake. 

Only licenced electricians have the expertise and skills necessary to safely work with electricity. So when you hire a pro, you're safe in the knowledge that they can finish the task safely. 

Don't mess around with electricity. It's much safer to work with a qualified professional. Not only are you risking your safety by trying to DIY your electrical systems, but you could also receive a massive fine from the government. 

5. Electricians Have Expert Knowledge

It also makes sense to work with electricians because they have much expert knowledge. An electrician can often evaluate and fix a problem in less than an hour. 

Given the complexity of electricity, it could take the average person days or weeks to figure out the issue. However, an expert can figure things out quickly and ensure you have reliable, functioning electrical system. 

It's often the case that the previous electrician has not installed your wiring according to the standards. Generally, this isn't a problem for an experienced electrician. In most cases, they'll still be able to diagnose the problem and have you back up and running in no time. 

Electricians can also explain your electrical system's complexities in a way anyone can understand. This ensures you know exactly what you're getting. 

6. Long-Term Peace of Mind

In the modern world, you simply can't live without electricity. It can be very stressful to have unreliable electricity in your house. When you work with a qualified electrician, you can rest assured that your electrical system will function reliably for years to come. 

A good electrician will do more than fix the problem. They'll also ensure your electricity is correctly and safely configured. This means that you'll have a problem-free electrical system. 

On the other hand, DIJ jobs are not reliable and could easily break down at any moment. This could leave you without electricity for days or even weeks. So don't risk it - only work with qualified professionals. 

Good electricians will also guarantee their work. If you experience any issues, they will come over immediately to set things right. 

7. Get the Job Done Fast

Finally, you should consider working with a professional electrician because they have the skills to get the work done quickly. In many cases, an electrician can diagnose and fix the problem within the same day. 

This means you'll be able to keep living at home without any issues. However, serious electrical problems could mean living in temporary accommodation for a while, so it makes sense to hire someone who knows what they're doing and can complete the job quickly. 

Don't Risk Doing It Yourself - Hire an Electrician

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons why you shouldn't try to work on your electrical system. If you want the problem fixed quickly, safely and competently, the only solution is to hire a qualified electrician. 

Doing so will save you time and money and give you the peace of mind that the job has been done to the highest professional standards. So, if you want to work with a professional electrician, contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

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